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Whales don’t belong in shark nets

Shark nets in Queensland's waters have caught 110+ whales since 2001 and several this season alone.

Queensland is the only place in the world that does not remove shark nets during whale migration season.

Fisheries Minister Mark Furner has the power to remove these shark nets.

The more people behind the movement, the sooner shark nets will be removed and whales protected.

Help convince politicians to take the next step and remove shark nets during the whale migration season. Add your name to the petition.

The verdict from scientists is clear - shark nets don't work. They give us a false sense of security and kill thousands of marine animals.

5 years ago, a Senate Committee recommended the phasing out of shark nets - but they are still in Queensland's waters.

Since 2001 over 17,000 marine life have been caught in Queensland's shark nets, including turtles, dolphins and dugongs. These innocent animals were left struggling for hours – many dying slow and agonising deaths.

You can help save countless marine lives from inhumane and ineffective nets. Add your name to the petition.

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Minister Shigeyuki Goto

To the Hon. Mark Furner,

I am writing to express my concern in relation to the Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries lethal shark control program.

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Minister Shigeyuki Goto

Shark nets pose a direct threat to whales migrating the coast of Queensland. Since 2001, over 110 whales have been entangled in shark nets, likely leading to long-term and ongoing negative impacts. I ask that the Queensland Government remove shark nets during the whale migration season.

In addition, high-levels of by-catch mean Queensland’s current shark control program causes significant damage to marine animals. According to QLD Government’s catch statistics, since 2001 the mesh nets and lethal drumlines have caught over 17,000 animals, a figure that includes endangered and critically endangered species.

I ask that the Queensland Government remove lethal shark control measures and adopt non-lethal alternatives. While I welcome the ongoing trials of non-lethal alternatives to shark nets as laid out in the 2021-2025 Shark Management Plan (such as drones and eco-barriers), I ask that they be adopted as soon as possible.

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Dolphin meat

A recent Freedom of Information request submitted by Action for Dolphins helped bring to the surface the destruction caused by shark nets.

These people have taken action to #SAYNOTONETS:
  • Donna, Australia Australia
  • Christie , Australia Australia
    Piss these stupid nets off NOW they don't do anything but arm our marine life and sorry if u swim in the ocean intake the risk of sharks as u r in there habitat. So stop being a bunch of fucking wankers WAKE UP REMOVE THE NETS
  • Kate , Spain Spain
  • Dausy, Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
  • Kayla, Australia Australia
  • pauline, Australia Australia
    Please remove the nets during the migration season. The beautiful creatures have it tough enough with pollution and diminishing food supplies